All About Becoming A Counsellor

Are you wondering How to become a counselor? Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know.

‘Counsellor’ is a very vague term. It’s a field in which there are many, many specialties, all of them richly fulfilling, and you will need to decide which the one for you is. Here are only some of the fields you could find yourself working in:

• Mental Health Counsellor- Mental health counsellors are there to help people cope with various life traumas, such as stress, abuse and addiction.

• Rehabilitation Counsellors- are there to support and guide those with disabilities through the personal, social and vocational effects they bring.

• School Counsellors- are responsible for guiding children from primary school right through to college in their personal, social and developmental goals as well as their academic ones.

Are Counsellors psychologists?

Although the fields overlap, and both guide people through emotional stress, license psychologists must have a doctorate in the field, whereas counsellors generally hold Master’s degrees.

What do Counsellors do?

Obviously, counsellors counsel patients, but there’s a lot more to their work then just that. You will be required to research mental health issues, and further educational work is generally required to keep licensing up to date. Patient conditions need to be analysed, and you’ll develop a host of therapeutic techniques to treat patients. Counsellors generally assist with the modification of poor or damaging behaviours and require excellent communication skills. You may even have to refer a patient to a licensed psychologist or other professionals. Counsellors can also be an instrumental part of finding recommendations for peer support groups and more.

What do you need in order to become a counsellor?

As you will have noticed, it’s a field with a high higher education component. After all, counsellors have a profound influence on people’s lives, and the correct training is essential. Most counselling position requires at least a Master’s degree, if not a PHD. The stringent conditions don’t stop there, however, as it’s generally essential that the counsellor hold state or national licensing and certification. This will generally require at least 2 years of clinical experience, and the passing of a certification board exam.

Should I become a counsellor?

It’s an intensely rewarding field, but it’s not for unstable personality types. You require excellent communication skills, and it’s vital that you communicate clearly and well. It’s a job with extraordinarily high stress components, and you must be capable of effectively dealing with this without facing burnout or other major problems. Generally you will be handling large caseloads and once, and must be prepared for this. You patients will require considerable empathy, but it’s important that you can keep an adequate emotional distance from them at the same time. Your patients will come to rely on your guidance, and it’s essential that you’re prepared to put in the hard work, time and educational requirements for this demanding field. In turn, you will be rewarded with a chance to profoundly alter people’s lives for the better.

ZQuiet And High Stress Jobs

A job that is stressful is highly rewarding, in most cases. Firemen, policemen, service men and women, and teachers all have important jobs to take care of. However, these jobs are made much more difficult if you do not get enough sleep each night. ZQuiet is a product that is designed to help you get that sleep that you need. This leads people to learn more about zquiet reviews. Doing so enables them to make quality decisions that will lead to better results during their daily lives.

Make no mistake, a restful night’s sleep is essential if you want to live a great quality of life. This is certainly true for firemen. Firemen must do what it takes to save a person or animals from burning buildings. They often do this by putting their own lives on the line. Without the proper sleep, these workers might miss important calls to service. This is why many of them use ZQuiet to meet their needs. When the lives of the public depend on alertness, then ZQuiet answers the call. A firehouse is not an easy place to sleep, either.

Policemen must also use the product in order to serve the public. If they do not get a restful night of sleep, then they stand to lose a significant amount of respect and time in the process. Consider all of the different measures a police officer must go through to serve a person that they pull over. They need to be able to read a person their rights once they are arrested as well. These professionals must also be able to maintain a constant state of awareness while on patrol. This cannot be achieved without a good night of sleep.

Teachers are prime candidates to use ZQuiet as well. They are responsible for large groups of students. When you must be in charge of over 250 students, then you have to be focused. This means you must be able to answer parent questions as well. Students, especially those who are younger, require constant attention. Without it, they might become injured or sick. When it is time to grade student papers, accuracy is highly important as well. You must use ZQuiet to maintain that perfect balance.

Cooks use the product as well. These professionals must maintain cleanliness at all times. If they do not, then the restaurant’s sanitation score might go down quickly. The only way to avoid this is to get a perfect night of sleep. ZQuiet helps cooks to get the sleep they need so that they can handle rush hour time. They often come up with their best recipes after a great night of sleep as well, so it is important to try the product.

Itchy Scalp Information: What Causes Itchy Scalp?

Itchy scalp information is available from hundreds of internet sites, books, and healthcare providers. The information is sometimes conflicting, and, depending on the site you visit, confusing. Here is some itchy scalp information that will help you determine the cause of your torment, and some solutions.

Why Did I Get Dandruff?

Your body constantly sheds skin. In fact, it is said that after several years, a mattress is several pounds heavier just because the human body sheds so much skin, and spends so much time in bed. Your scalp also sheds skin. Most of the time, we never notice the skin shedding off because it is so slight. But, sometimes there is inflammation. When the scalp becomes inflamed, the dead skin cells will fuse. Then, they break loose together, and you end up with flakes in your hair and on your clothes.

Sometimes the dandruff will cause your scalp to itch. When you scratch your head, it leaves irritated skin behind, sometimes even with scratches and cracks. This actually gives bacteria and fungi a place to grow, which produces a very itchy scalp.

Do I Have Dermatitis?

Itchy scalp information usually agrees that you need to see a dermatologist to diagnose seborrhoeic dermatitis. This is usually just a severe form of dandruff, but can be very uncomfortable. You will have a very dry itchy scalp with big, thick flakes of dry skin that have fused together. Your scalp will also be inflamed. This type of dermatitis may spread to other parts of your body, usually to areas with hair. You can get it in your eyebrows, on the bridge of your nose, and even in your ears.

With dermatitis, your itchy scalp may be either dry or greasy. The flakes that come off will be the same. It may seem strange that dead skin will fuse and flake off, yet still be greasy, but it is a condition that must be treated.

You’ll most often have trouble with dermatitis in areas of your skin that have large oil glands. Yeast will settle in to these areas, and cause infections and inflammation. Some newborn babies get seborrhoeic dermatitis – it is called “cradle cap”.

This condition causes splits and cracks in the skin, pustules, and a bubbly rash. It can be a symptom of some disease, such as Parkinson’s or HIV. It can also be caused by excess stress. Some people inherit the tendency to have dermatitis, while others are prone to suffer with it during the winter, in particular.

Itchy Scalp Information: What Treatments Are There?

If you have dandruff or dermatitis, there are medicated shampoos available that will help. For dandruff, usually that is all you need.

However, severe cases of dermatitis may need more treatment. Honey, massaged into the scalp every other day, can actually balance the pH of the scalp and kill germs. This is a popular remedy for dry itchy scalp.

Administrative vs. Clinical Medical Assistant

The key to enjoying your future career as a medical assistant and becoming fully committed to it is having the correct expectations of what your work responsibilities will include and being fully informed of the challenges you might face. Most future medical assistants are confused about the exact difference between a clinical and an administrative medical assistant and apply to jobs disregarding this crucial distinction only to experience disappointment, stress and even incompetence in their workplace. It is essential to look out for the slightly different competences required by the two types of medical assistants when reading throughbest medical assistant programs reviews and choosing a suitable program. Let’s take a comparative look at these two professions and help you make the right choice.

Clinical Medical Assistant
The first step to acquiring the necessary knowledge and qualification to practice in this particular branch of medical assistance is to thoroughly research different medical assistant programs reviews and choose to enrol in a program that emphasizes the clinical aspects of the profession. The essential characteristics of a clinical medical assistant are that their job revolves mainly around serving patients. Since you will be working alongside physicians with patients who are often frustrated, severely ill or even dying, you will need to retain a strong sense of compassion and willingness to witness uncomfortable situations. This position may become extremely emotionally demanding as depending on the severity of cases you might find yourself overwhelmed with grief.
In order to become a successful clinical medical assistant you will also need perfect communication and people skills to be able to comfort patients, provide instructions efficiently and work in complete harmony with the physicians you are assigned to.

Administrative Medical Assistant
In spite of being less emotionally taxing, the job of an administrative medical assistant may seem rather tedious to some prospective students. Direct contact with patients is rare and duties revolve around servicing the front desk of the organization. Specific tasks may involve maintaining a neat system of patient records, together with obtaining different patient information such as insurance details or medical history. The key qualities for being a successful administrative medical assistant are being meticulously organized, paying close attention to details, being friendly and open-minded and maintaining a professional look, as you will be acting as the face of the organization. People who are impatient, intolerant, blunt, or lack basic communication skills will certainly not thrive in this work environment. Most training programs involve specific classes and practice for both administrative and clinical responsibilities, but if your mind is set on being an administrative medical assistant, it is a good idea to read some reviews to get a sense of which programs’ offer curriculums that are designed specifically to meet the administrative medical assistant’s needs.

Important Things to Remember when Availing Dentists Treatment

The dentist is a man who you will need to visit in the event that your teeth are giving you trouble in the form of consistent pain or other issues like discoloration. Such a person operates all through the year and usually offers his services at a clinic that is generally situated in the heart of any city and town. Dentists treatment is something that you can get to avail of without much difficulty. To know more about how you can avail such treatment in a smooth and hassle free manner, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Make an Early Booking
You need to get in touch with the dentist as soon as possible. This is because this is a man whose services are in demand at all times and unless you make a prior booking you will not be able to get an appointment with him.

Get Ready to Pay in Cash
You need to be prepared to make a payment for the consultancy fee in cash when you visit a dentist. This is because dental clinics never accept cash transactions as a rule. There is plenty of fraud involved in such a form of transaction and it is therefore avoided.

Find out Details about Services
It would be a good idea to get a thorough idea of the different services that are provided by the dentist before you go ahead and opt for his treatment. This can be done by visiting the personal website of the dentist at any given hour of the day.

Find out about Personal Compatibility with Different Services
You need to find out if your body is compatible with any kind of sedation prior to availing dentists treatment. This is because most dental procedures require the area around the mouth of the patient to be sedated quite heavily. Otherwise the pain associated with the procedure can be quite unbearable.

Ensure Hygienic Environment in Clinic
You need to make sure that the clinic where the dental procedures are carried out is one that is very hygienic. If it is not, you could end up suffering from a number of skin related diseases especially if you are known to suffer from allergies.

Be Specific
You need to be specific about the kind of treatment that you are looking to avail and know for sure whether it is at all suitable for you. Cosmetic dentistry for instance is a service that almost every second person wants to opt for but it is not suitable for every individual.

Opt for Tax Inclusive Treatment
The final important tip which you need to keep in mind when you opt for dentists treatment is to ensure that this treatment is one that comes at a rate which is inclusive of taxes. If it is not, then there is every possibility that you will have to end up paying a lot of money extra as tax.
Keeping the above mentioned points in mind can definitely help you to select good dental treatment services for yourself.

4 Clinical Medical Assistant Specialties You Can Pursue

There is far more to the medical assistant’s profession than people actually expect at the start of their careers in this field. Many prospective medical assistants are convinced that they will be sorting paperwork and cleaning surgery rooms for a living, but given that you possess the right certified medical assistant qualification you have a far wider choice at your disposal. If you are more interested in the clinical side of medical assisting (that is, working with patients alongside other medical staff), rather than the administrative side (which involves dealing with patient records, insurance verification, phone call management, etc.), there are a number of specialties you might want to further pursue.

• Podiatry
This is the branch of medical assisting that eligible candidates with sufficient assistant qualification help doctors in the care for patients’ feet. This involves dressing wounds, trimming nails, assisting with casts and other cuts, bruises, splinters, etc. You will need additional Podiatric credentials to be able to work in this specialized field.

• EKG or Cardiology Technician
Your qualification might be enough to specialize as an EKG technician, although some hospital require passing additional training courses specific to Cardiology. Many institutions offer their own in-house training for their medical assistant staff. In this specialty, you will be responsible for performing EKGs. This branch is rapidly growing together with the increased incidence of heart-related problems in the country.

• Ophthalmology
Ophthalmology refers to eye care and medical assistants choosing to specialize in this field can expect to work closely with an eye doctor to administer medication, perform preliminary screenings and eye testing, as well as assist in some minor surgeries. This particular specialty requires additional training on top of your qualification as well as official certification.

• Obstetrics/Gynecology
Within this specialty you will be responsible for assisting a physician in a broad range of procedures, such as performing PAP smears, collecting bio samples, performing breast exams, as well as providing instruction to patients on the specifics of home care procedures. You might be involved in pregnant women’s exams, but always under the close supervision of the practicing physician. In this specialty, you are not required to have additional certification or specialized training, and you may rely on your doctor’s instructions and hands-on practice to develop your skills.

As you can see, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to furthering your specialization. There are a number of benefits for specialized medical assistants, such as higher salaries, the ability to focus your efforts and gain profound knowledge and experience within a narrower field, instead of caring for the needs of an entire hospital, as well as higher professional satisfaction. An important fact to note is that you have a negligible chance of obtaining any of these specializations if you haven’t graduated from a nationally accredited medical assistant program beforehand. The additional training you will receive during specialization builds on knowledge you are expected to have acquired through your training program already.

Qualities of a Great Medical Assistant

Before choosing a career in medical assistance, you should take a long hard look at your character and assess as objectively as you can whether you possess the necessary personal qualities to make it as a successful medical assistant. While it is true that a good training program can take you a long way to becoming a medical assistant, it might not be all it takes to be a successful one. So, what personal traits do the most successful medical assistant professionals have in common?

Proactive – the profession of a medical assistant requires taking independent decisions regarding emergency situations, while still adhering to hospital rules and established practices. A good medical assistant knows when to veer from the set of standards in order to resolve a difficult situation. Sometimes the daily routine in a hospital can get quite hectic and doctors not always have time to maintain order. It is the medical assistant’s job to ensure the smooth running of daily activities.

Organized – A large portion of a medical assistant’s obligations has to do with collecting, sorting, distributing and verifying paperwork related to patient records, insurance, admission forms, lab tests, etc. A serious professional does not allow procrastination or delays in completing these administrative tasks, because the entire hospital relies on the job being done meticulously. When searching for the right training program, candidates tend to settle on a Top 50 Medical Assistant Programs solution that emphasizes honing administrative and organizational skills.

Communicative – The success of a medical assistant depends largely on the effective daily communication with doctors, nurses, patients, patients’ families and other medical assistant staff. If medical assistants are not prepared to follow orders efficiently, relay messages, or act as a liaisons in emergency situations, they might not last in their new job for too long. A good solution will have a dedicated curriculum section to improving communication skills and building effective interactions.

Sympathetic – This particular profession requires a certain degree of selflessness and an acute sense of empathy towards others’ needs, including those of doctors and patients alike. The best medical assistants choose this job, because they feel the genuine need to help others and derive happiness and satisfaction from assisting patients and hospital staff. Have you chosen the right solution in this regard? Your training program must effectively incorporate real case scenarios that can give you a reliable idea of the challenges you might face ahead and a coping mechanism to apply to them.

Resilient – This is neither the first, nor the last time you are going to read about how stressful and physically or mentally challenging this profession can be. The great medical assistant does not always seek the easy way out and is prepared to put in long hours and dedicate a lot of energy to completing their tasks. In searching for the right program, you will benefit from settling on a program that emphasizes strategies for dealing with stress and taking care of your personal wellbeing in response to the high demands of the job.